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A thorough understanding of the physical and mechanical qualities of your products is vital if you are to demonstrate the safety, quality? and durability of your products to customers and reduce the risk of product returns or recalls.

Our physical testing services include:

  • (1) Stability tests
  • (2) Strength tests
  • (3) Durability testing
  • (4) Weather conditioning

They can be used as stand-alone tests or integrated into a wider program that includes mechanical testing methods identifying potential problems such as:

  • (1) Fracture
  • (2) Adhesion
  • (3) Deformation
  • (4) Fatigue

Mechanical and physical testing services can be applied at any stage of production, from the testing of the qualities of raw materials to examining the durability of completed products. They are conducted on a hugely diverse range of materials and products, including cosmetic and hygiene products, sports and leisure products, home furnishings, packaging, toys and novelty items and car interiors.

TTS physical and mechanical tests help businesses give their products a competitive edge by demonstrating their durability, stability and safety to customers. Our consultants are available to advise on the benefits they could bring to your business.