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Toy products are highly regulated throughout the world and toy safety standards are being constantly updated.Consumers need to be confident that the toys they buy for children are of high quality and are safe, whether from harmful chemicals, or design faults that could cause injury.TTS offers a one-stop solution to all your toy needs, so that you can be sure your toys comply with relevant regulations and quality standards, such as the new EU toy directive and the US Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA). TTS aims to assure toy safety and offers a comprehensive program including:
  • (1) Support for new Product Development (Product specification verification, Technical/Design advice)
  • (2) Update and interpretation of legal requirements
  • (3) Safety/Risk Assessment (product hazards analysis)
  • (4) Product and Materials Testing
  • (5) Factory and Social Audits
  • (6) Inspections (production control)
TTS provides manufacturers, retailers and importers with comprehensive customized Quality Assurance Solutions for all toy needs:
  • (1) Plush toys
  • (2) Dolls
  • (3) Ride-on toys
  • (4) Projectile toys
  • (5) Games
  • (6) Figurines
  • (7) Construction toys
  • (8) Creative art materials
  • (9) Puzzles
  • (10) Pull along toys?
  • (11) Battery operated toys?
  • (12) Radio controlled toys
  • (13) Infant toys
  • (14) Residential playground equipment
Choosing us means you can be confident that our rigorous procedures throughout your supply chain will ensure that you comply with worldwide regulations and industry standards, ensuring your product