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Sport and leisure goods are an important and expanding area of business internationally, with leisure and fitness becoming more popular.

Bicycles in particular are booming due to the increasing popularity of biking for practical and leisure purposes, and because of their important role in protecting the environment.

But because sporting goods may carry the risk of injury they are also highly regulated and you need to understand the impact of safety requirements and regulations on your products. Ensuring that your products are of the highest quality and comply with regulations means that you can minimize the risk of injury or expensive product recalls and market your products with confidence.

Sport and leisure services from TTS ensure that you deliver safe products to targeted markets. We are the supplier of choice with worldwide testing facilities and comprehensive customized services at each stage of your production process to help:

  • (1) Testing for regulatory compliance (e.g. REACH, RoHS)
  • (2) Performance evaluation (e.g. durability /lifecycle, fitness for use)

(3) Technical assistance